Jocelyn specialises in complex trauma & dissociation, grief, mood & anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders & improving distress tolerance with binge eating & drinking.

Couple & Family

Jocelyn can help you to build more rewarding couple and family relationships across the family life cycle.

Master Trainer
& Coach

Learn skills for confident management of intrapersonal, interpersonal and situational challenges with Jocelyn.

Meet Jocelyn

30 years of industry experience

Jocelyn is devoted to assisting clients across various backgrounds, her focus is on empowering them to navigate their lives more effectively and realise the transformative changes they want.

Clinical Psychologist Jocelyn Andrew

Versatility and experience

Why work with Jocelyn?

Jocelyn Andrews of Sandringham Psychology utilises a range of skills, extensive experience, and diverse therapeutic frameworks. 

Jocelyn appreciates that every human is a complex combination of life experiences, challenges and emotions and her skills allow her to attend to these varied needs.

What is telehealth?

A New Way of Connecting

Since COVID-19 the Australian Government has made it easier to seek assistance from a psychologist via Telehealth. Jocelyn works currently on Zoom, facetime or telephone.

jocelyn andrew telehealth new way of connecting

Telehealth available


Each consultation is payable in advance via bank transfer.

Clients can arrange a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) with their GP.
This entitles them to a Medicare rebate for a maximum of 10 sessions per calendar year.
Jocelyn can process the Medicare rebate after each session.

Alternatively you can claim rebate for clinical psychology from your health insurance extras.

Take the first step towards a healthier mind and a more fulfilling life

Schedule your confidential consultation with Jocelyn at Sandringham Psychology today
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Jocelyn provides a safe, supportive space, either online or in her Sandringham rooms.