Parenting Support and Education


Parenting Support and Education Supports parents struggling with their transition to parenthood Facilitates attuned perinatal mother-infant and father-infant interactions Facilitates rekindling and reconnection within the couple as the secure base Facilitates an understanding of Positive Parenting practices, Facilitates an understanding of The Zones Of Regulation Facilitates an understanding of [...]

Perinatal Depression


Perinatal Depression I have supported women, men and couples who are experiencing depression, anxiety and adjustment difficulties during the pregnancy and the postnatal period for over 15 years. I am also trained to enhance the parent-infant attachment and rekindle the attachment between the parents.

Couple Therapy


Couple Therapy Building the Secure Base, becoming a Master Couple People in relationships seek couple therapy for many reasons including increasing emotional support, reducing Post Natal Depression (PND), enhancing intimacy, reducing conflict, improving communication and sexual satisfaction, understanding infidelity, reducing disconnection and enhancing re-connection after childbirth as explored by Dr [...]

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