Project Description

Family Therapy

Jocelyn is an extensively trained Clinical Family Therapist and who is accredited by the Australian Association of Family Therapy (AAFT). She has over 30 years experience with working systemically. She maintains neutrality to assist you to change problematic family interactions & dynamics. This may include challenges with step-parenting, parenting toddlers, young children, adolescents and young adults, challenges with increasing dependency in elderly parents, challenges associated with psychosis & alcohol & other substance abuse in family members and the impact of domestic violence and other trans-generational patterns.


Jocelyn has a particular interest in Attachment & expertise in assisting individuals & couples with BUILDING THE FAMILY including assisting with:

INFERTILITY: Jocelyn has supported individuals and couples undergoing IVF and other fertility treatments and exploring donor assisted conception and surrogacy for over 15 years. As part of her work, Jocelyn helps women, men and couples manage the physical, emotional and relationship impact of infertility and its treatment

MISCARRIAGE: Jocelyn has supported women, men and couples who are experiencing the grief of miscarriage and other pregnancy loss as well as those making difficult decisions about their pregnancy for over 15 years

POST NATAL DEPRESSON (PND) & PERINATAL DEPRESSION: Jocelyn has supported women, men and couples who are experiencing depression, anxiety and adjustment difficulties during the pregnancy and the postnatal period for over 15 years. She is also trained to enhance the parent-infant attachment and rekindle the attachment between the parents.


  • Supports parents struggling with their transition to parenthood
  • Facilitates attuned perinatal mother-infant and father-infant interactions
  • Facilitates rekindling and reconnection within the couple as the secure base
  • Coaches on attachment-based parenting and the Circle Of Security
  • Coaches on use of Triple P Positive Parenting practices,
  • Coaches on use of emotion-focused parenting using The Zones Of Regulation & 1-2-3 Magic & Emotion Coaching
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