Project Description

Chronic Pain

Jocelyn worked on a multidisciplinary rehabilitation team for 3 years. She works effectively with chronic pain & other chronic medical conditions. Medical intervention often cannot resolve chronic conditions including chronic pain. Expanded CBT has proven efficacy as complementary to medical intervention & physical rehabilitation programs. Treatment targets include pain catastrophising & fear of pain and pain acceptance. CBT integrated with mindfulness meditation encourages radical acceptance of pain. This reduces pain catastrophising and fear of pain & encourages gradual increase in activity & redirection of attention to planned pleasurable events.

Jocelyn provides training in Mindfulness Meditation including Cognitive Defusion techniques to enable you to separate yourself from your pain. Current research demonstrates that daily practice of Mindfulness Meditation reduces symptoms of chronic pain, anxiety & depression, prostate cancer, birth trauma & autoimmune conditions including MS & rheumatoid arthritis.


Monday, Tuesday,
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